- Background / Presentation
- Mission, Vision, Values
- Where we are
- Key Figures

Tecuni was created in 1972 with the aim of developing its activity in the electrical installation sector.

Backed by the experience accumulated over the years and as a result of our effort to adapt to new activities and working methods, Tecuni has positioned itself among the top companies in the sector.   Our track record has consolidated our constant growth over the years and is enhanced by high levels of customer satisfaction.  Our customers have seen their expectations more than fulfilled in response to their trust in Tecuni.

Since its establishment, our organisation has changed considerably and nowadays presents a business structure and methodology perfectly aligned with the latest trends directed towards efficiency.  Our focus is on the efficient management of projects and the continuous improvement of our processes, taking into account first and foremost our innovation effort, and of course, our human resources.

Nowadays integrated into the international Group Vinci, under its “Energy” Division, Vinci- Energies is present in 20 European Countries through its 755 associated companies. This strength along with an important culture of service, has built its capacity to coordinate its experience and potentials in order to offer the best particular solutions to our clients. For this reason, our company actively participates in the most advanced resolution techniques. In order to do so, we adapt not only our management systems to the Group´s, but also our business culture, according to the world´s most advanced standards.

As a result, prominent Companies, and Public and Private Institutions, have placed their trust in our work for decades to obtain the most professional service, and this has placed us at the forefront of the electrical sector.