- OMEXOM Substations & Lines
- Buildings
- Public Lighting Network Management
- Electrical Distribution
- Industry, Automation & Electromechanical


  • Substation Turnkey Projects of different types and voltage levels. Basic, process and development engineering, earthworks, civil and electro-mechanic works, control and protection, communication and commissioning.
  • Improvement & Refurbishment Projects for Substations. Remote control adaptation; oscilloscope installation; AS refurbishment; switch unit replacement; protection replacement; boundary point measurement; capacitor battery installation, etc..
  • Supervision of substation construction.
  • Maintenance service at substations.
  • Integral rehabilitation of Power Plants.
  • Construction and Maintenance of MV and HV lines of up to 220 kV.
  • HVL felling & pruning services.
  • Capacitor and CT Measuring Meters installations.
  • Reactive power plan Capacitor battery installation.
  • CT maintenance for industry.


Power Stations and Substations:

  • Viability studies and preliminary drafts.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Bidding forms.
  • Official project preparation and processing and HV authentication.
  • Basic and detail engineering in all the disciplines (Civil Works, Structures, Electro-mechanics, Control, Protection, Communications) .
  • Installation test procedure definition.
  • Operation Manual preparation.
  • Management of permits, agreements and compulsory purchase orders.
  • Integrated engineering services for TURNKEY Projects.
  • Maintenance and improvement consultancy services.

HV & LV Projects

  • Official Installation Project preparation.
  • Technical Study preparation.
  • Electrical project administrative procedures.
  • MV & LV project authentication in official institutions.
  • Standard compliance and installation improvement.
  • Calculations of Compliance with Energy Efficiency Regulations for lighting systems.
  • Preparation of "Explosion Protection Documents" and solution advice.


  • Preliminary study & project drafting.
  • Land surveying services.
  • Technical Project preparation.
  • Electrical project administrative procedures.
  • Owner Investigation.
  • List of Assets and Rights concerned.
  • Compulsory purchase order preparation.
  • Permits, agreements and compulsory purchase order management.
  • Supervision of works.
  • Project Management Team.